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Corporate SEPA+SWIFT Accounts for your business

The opening of a corporate account for your business has never been easier.
Receive feedback on your pre-approval and custom pricing within 24hr.

How it works?


Our Services

Payment Gateway - Merchant Accounts

All-in-one payments platform providing clients multi-channel and multi-currency payment options through a single interface. Built for scalability, high transaction volumes, and featuring over 225+ acquiring banks and alternative payment methods as well as connected settlement accounts.

Dedicated Corporate Accounts

Many currencies are available for your account. SEPA and SWIFT can both be used to send and receive funds. You can order 10+ cards per business account with high daily limits.

Why Choose Us?

Fast Onboarding

With responsive clients, an account can be opened within 5 business days. Due to effective due diligence procedures the acceptance rate is very high.

Future Proof

Always a step ahead. Our financial structure will be part of the next financial revolution.

Global solutions

Globiance offers global platforms that cater to the needs of business and retail clients alike, with its core focus on corporate clients that use its services.

Dedicated Service

Dedicated IBAN accounts are provided within the SEPA and SWIFT networks for European and Offshore companies.

Our commitment to your business success

Irina La Rosa

"We have helped over 300 clients successfully open bank accounts in the last 2 years with our 35+ banking partners. With us, you submit onboarding documents for the last time. If you order IBAN's in our platform or want additional accounts in our partner banks, we are handling the whole process for you."

Irina La Rosa

Founder & Chief People Officer

"GlobiancePay offers solutions to clients globally. The GlobiancePay platform features 25+ currencies, SEPA and SWIFT accounts from Singapore, Europe, and the United Kingdom. Clients can have multiple dedicated IBANs in their company's name."

Oliver Marco La Rosa

Founder & CEO
Oliver Marco La Rosa
Get your business started towards financial revolution
Receive feedback on your pre-approval and custom pricing within 24hr.


Onboarding fees vary from client to client. The fees are based on the industry and location of the company, UBO details as well as the specific needs of each client. Upon receipt of the onboarding form, we are able to obtain pre-approval and the client-specific fees.
7-14 Working days from the time we receive all required documents and information.
We offer a multi-currency account incl EURO , GBP , SDG , USD and more …

Currently, we are offering ES, FR, GB and LT IBANs.

Yes we offer dedicated IBANs in the clients name.
Yes, we offer SEPA and SWIFT for both in and out transactions.