With responsive clients, an account can be opened within a week.
Due to effective due diligence procedures the acceptance rate is very high.

Future proof

Always a step ahead, our financial structure will be part of the next financial revolution.
With an optional account at Globiance Exchange you can start accepting and trading crypto currencies today.


Your Fiat assets are held by our European banking partner in your name and will be stored safely in a European Central Bank.
This is currently the most secure setup for your Fiat assets.


The IBAN accounts are provided within the SEPA and SWIFT networks for European and Offshore companies.


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Payment Gateway – Merchant Accounts

All-in-one payments platform providing clients multi-channel and multi-currency payment options through a single interface. Built for scalability, high transaction volumes and featuring over 225+ payment methods as well as connected settlement accounts.

Corporate Accounts for your Business

Many currencies are available for your account. SEPA and SWIFT can both be used to send and receive funds. You can order 10+ cards per business account with high daily limits.

Secure by Design

Your Fiat assets are held in our partner bank which stores them always safely in a European Central Bank. All ours, client’s and your funds will be 100% held within this Central Bank, making it the most secure setup for your Fiat assets. The money can not be loaned out to 3rd parties, invested or used in any other way by an intermediary bank which could risk your capital.

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