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The GlobiancePay Security Token Offering

GlobiancePay Group is the sister label to Globiance - which has been operating licensed and regulated cryptocurrency exchanges globally, since 2018. GlobiancePay is an independent structure that provides IBAN accounts and bank/debit cards to Globiance. Our goal is to expand GlobiancePay with new banking, securities dealings and investment management licenses, through our Security Token Offering. We have created in-house, software products, that will provide new payment and identification services.

We remain committed to staying on top of the most relevant business, legal, and governmental issues affecting our crypto industry. We continually monitor for new developments or changes regarding licensing, laws or regulations, in each of our regions - as they transpire.

The banking system is being shaken up right now, but we believe that "fiat connectivity" remains crucial for crypto. What was the best strategy last year is not necessarily the best strategy for today. As a company, we must continue to evolve and adapt to the changes that are continually occurring on a global scale.

It is Not the Strongest of Species that Survives - But the Most Adaptable.


If you were to ask me what our strategy is; I would answer - It is liquid. We watch and then we proactively react and adapt, then make the appropriate changes needed in order to provide the best service - with legal certainty. - Oliver Marco La Rosa

Connecting All Humans - A New Kind of Bank

Our motivation is simple; to revolutionize the outdated banking system and provide a fair and reliable financial solution to everyone on the planet - regardless of their location or socioeconomic status.

Right now, there are over 1.5 billion unbanked adults worldwide, it is more critical than ever to create a system that can provide access to the financial tools people need to improve their lives and escape poverty. GlobiancePay aims to obtain - Investment Management, Securities Dealing and Banking licenses, in all regions – including the “underbanked” regions.

Access to financial services is a human right and we’ve made it our mission to provide it to as many people as we can.

All Your Financial Needs - One Location

GlobiancePay services will be provided within the Globiance Platform however, banking access will also be available separately. GlobiancePay also provides its services to Globiance clients, outside exchanges and other crypto companies. We are able to offer accounts, payments and merchant services for businesses, investments, securities dealing & more. With all of our services conveniently located in one place, you won’t need to go anywhere else.

100% Fully-Backed Bank & Bank-Run Proof

All Deposits are 100% backed at ALL times. Assets / funds deposited in GlobiancePay will never be lent out, invested, or used in any way. Your assets are always fully accessible and available at any time. We do not and nor will we ever, participate in fractional reserve banking.

GlobiancePay bank-fees will always be kept as low as possible.


- The GBPAY Token is a security that enables token holders to participate in the growth of
GlobiancePay with the option to be converted to equity at a later stage.

- The 100M Tokens held, will own 7.5% revenue share after the deduction of the banks direct
operating costs, for example; bank transfer fees (gross profit).

- One GBPAY Token will cost $1.00 USD. (Bonus will be applied during the sales campaign).

In Which Regions is GBPAY Available?

GBPAY is currently being offered for sale out of Singapore, Estonia, UK and the USA.

Security Token Offering

STO token sales, will initially begin as an exempted offering in multiple regions.
The security will be registered as required with regulators in each specific region and will eventually become tradable on the main stock-exchanges or on the GlobiancePay Digital Exchange in the future.